Be AWARE that Files need more protection than a standard fire resistant safe can provide.

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The term fireproof is a very misleading statement and too many companies use it to describe their fire safes. So what should the fire rating say?  It should say  “resistant to fire”  for a particular period of time.  Not fire proof . Customers come into showroom on a daily basis and ask for a fire safe to protect their Important paperwork, money, pictures and other delicate or sensitive items like. Most of these items are sensitive to heat and humidity/moisture and a standard fire resistant safe is not engineered to specifically protect against these things. Fire resistant safes are engineered and designed to protect paper and keep the internal temperature of the safe below 350 degrees, which is the critical temperature where paper will start to char and burn. This method of protection creates steam (moisture) inside the safe. Any sensitive data or media will be badly damaged or destroyed between 120 to 180 degrees or 85% humidity. Think of the inside of a car on a hot summer day,

If you have any special data or media that you need to protect against fire, a file safe is what you should consider purchasing. These safes will keep the inside temperature below 135 degrees as well as the humidity below 85%.