PT. Federal International Finance

We would like to thank PT. Persindo Pertiwi Agung because of the CASSA safe type Conqueror size 2 that we bought from you have saved our money and important documents that we kept inside during a fire.

At first we were very worried because our factory that was located in JL. Industri VIII No. 4, Tangerang, was totally burned down for 2 days and 2 nights. Also, the CASSA safe that was inside the factory was burned and the combination key lock and the door handle were melted in the fire.

When the safe door was successfully opened by the CASSA technician, we were very glad because all the money and documents that we kept were all in their original condition.

With this, we felt very confident and we have no doubts about the excellence and the strength of the CASSA safety box.

Once again, we wish many thanks for the help that you have given us during the above-mentioned incident.