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Champion Safe

Fireproof :     Burglarproof :

The Champion Safe is designed especially for high security requirements needed to keep large amount of money and valuables. The Champion Safe consists of two layers of protection – that is Hard Casting Alloy armor and our factory formulated CS 500 fire-retardant material. It is highly resistant to fire, oxy-acetylene weld, drill, cutting tools, explosions, prying, and other burglary device. Fire rated for two hours, the safe will keep contents below paper flash point (177°C) for two hours at temperatures up to 950°C.

Widely used in banks, jewelry stores, financial institutions, and money changers.

Safe Specifications

Safe Body – 110 mm total safe body thickness. Made of steel plates welded together to form an integrated inner and outer body, Hard Casting alloy (high resistance to burglary attacks), and our factory formulated CS 500 fire retardant material. The body is designed in such a way that it will be very difficult for fire to get inside the safe.

Safe Door – 191 mm total safe door thickness. The Champion Safe door is protected by a layer of Hard Casting Alloy plate, a 95 mm layer of CS 500 fire retardant material, and a 16 mm fireproof panel. The door’s perimeter is lined with Fire Seal that will expand and close the gap between the safe door and the safe body in case of a fire.

Key – UL Standard 8-lever double bit key lock (Ex. Germany), and a UL Standard 4-wheel combination lock (100 million codes variation, ex. USA) that comes with a spy proof ring and a keylocking dial.

Locking Mechanism – For maximum protection, the Champion Safe is secured with 4-way, 38mm steel bolts at the left, right, top, and bottom side of the door.

Automatic Relocking Device – If there is an attempt to open the safe by force, an automatic relocking device will detect the attempt and automatically lock out the safe.

Finishing – Beige color Poly Urethane paint with stainless steel front panel and chrome plated handle.