The Best Place for Safe

BillStone Iris Scanner Safe – Cash

The next consideration for this topic is whether the surface I’m going to install my safe onto is solid. Again, there’s no golden rule here, however we always prefer mounting a safe to a concrete floor. So if your house has a concrete floor downstairs and a chipboard floor upstairs, we’d suggest putting the safe downstairs.

Sometimes a concrete floor isn’t an option, in these cases we try to install a steel plate under the floor between joists and bolt through the floor. Don’t rely on a lag screw into a joist – apart from weakening the structure they are easilly defeated with a small crowbar. We also suggest glueing the safe down with a suitable construction adhesive when the floor is timber. Of course if this method is used you will never be able to move the safe.

Next consideration is how convenient is the access to the safe. If it’s in the garage, under a bench in a dark corner you will probably rarely access the safe. This will lead to valuables being left around the home, not in the safe. The most common location we’ve found is inside a wardrobe in the master bedroom. nice and handy and slightly hidden away from casual observers.