The Benefits of Owning Gold and Silver


Look at some reasons why you should own physical gold and silver :

1.You can protect your savings against the currency devaluations.

2.You can protect your purchasing power as inflation is steadily rising.

3.You can protect yourself should a severe banking crisis occur, should one of the big banks collaps for example.

4.You can protect your portfolio and wealth if an economic crisis in China, the US or Europe occurs. Even if an economic crisis would result in (temporary) deflation, you would be relatively better off with gold than being in paper money or paper assets.

5.You can protect yourself against the uncontrolled actions of governments, who have excessive debts and try to solve it with huge money printing. Trying to solve the problem of too much debt by creating even more debt is really strange. Anyway someone has to pay the bill … you better be sure it’s not you.

6.You have no counterparty risk with gold and silver (contrary to paper assets where there is always a counterparty risk involved)

7.You should own gold and silver because the trend is your friend. Look at thes 7 charts that prove we are in a major wealth cycle in gold and silver.