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Conqueror Safe

Fireproof :     Burglarproof :

The new Conqueror Safe Box is specially designed with a bigger storage capacity and more superior burglary protection. It is highly resistant to fire, drilling, prying, explosions, and oxy-acetylene weld. Fire rated for two hours, the safe will keep contents below paper flash point (177°C) for two hours at temperatures up to 950°C.

Widely used in Jewelry stores, Banks, Financial Institutions, Money Changers, and Offices where a high level of protection is required.


Safe Body – 110 mm total thickness. Made of a one-assembly solid steel construction and a thick layer of composite fire retardant material CS 500 formulated by our engineers.  The perimeter of the door opening is surrounded with Fire Seal and the safe body is specially constructed to minimize heat from entering the safe in case of a fire.

Safe Door – 180 mm total thickness. Contains a 95 mm thick layer of CS 500 fire retardant material. Armored with drill-resistant steel plates around the locking system.

Key – U.L. Certified 8-lever double bit key lock (Ex. Germany), and a U.L. Certified 4-wheel combination lock (100 million codes variation, ex. USA) that comes with a spy proof ring and a keylocking dial.

Safe Locking System – 3-way 38 mm solid steel locking bolts at the front (8-10 bolts depending on size), top (2 bolts), and bottom side (2 bolts)of the door, and a dogging bar at the hinge side for maximum protection against prying and explosions.

Relocking Device – In case there is an effort to rob the safe, two automatic relocking device will activate a set of lock each to lock out the safe.

Finishing – Beige color poly urethane paint.