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Protector Safe

Fireproof :     Burglarproof :

The Protector Safe is designed to provide protection from fire, thefts, drills, cutting tools, oxy-acetylene welds, explosions, and other mechanical devices. Fire rated for two hours, the safe will keep contents below paper flash point (177°C) for two hours at temperatures up to 950°C.

Widely used in stores, offices, restaurants, hospitals, and homes.


Safety Box Body – 100 mm total safe body thickness. Made of our factory-made CS 350 fire retardant material that is sandwiched between an inner and outer steel plates that are welded together to form a single body. Supporting this is a network of anchoring system that provides superior security. The perimeter of the door is lined with a Fire Seal that expands when heated up to seal the door gap in the event of a fire. The door opening is also specially designed to make it hard for fire to enter the inner chamber.

Safety Box Door – 170 mm total safe door thickness. Contains a thick steel armor and an 85 mm thick CS 350 fire retardant layer.

Key – Equipped with a UL Standard 3-wheel combination lock (1 million possible codes, Ex. USA) fitted with “Spy Proof Ring”, and a UL Standard 8-lever double bit key lock (Ex. Germany).  The area around the two keys is protected with a drill-proof steel plate.

Safety Box Locking System – Secured with 38 mm, 3-way locking steel bolts at the front, top, and bottom side, and a dogging bar at the hinge side.

Automatic Relocking Device – If there is an attempt to open the safe by force, an automatic relocking device will detect the attempt and automatically lock out the safe.

Finishing – Beige Poly Urethane paint with dark brown panel and safe handle.