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Document Safe

Fireproof :     Burglarproof :

CASSA Document Safe is especially made to:

– Secure your documents from fire

– Provide a large storage space for all types of paper documents

– Save space

– Easy filing and indexing system

Fire rated for two hours, the safe will keep contents below paper flash point (177°C) for two hours at temperatures up to 950°C.


Document Safe Body – 98 mm total safe wall thickness. Made of solid steel construction and our factory-formulated DS 950 fire retardant material that is integrated to the steel body using a special anchoring system. The door opening’s perimeter is surrounded by a fire seal that will expand and close the gap between the door and the body when there is a fire.

Document Safe Door – Made of solid steel construction and an 84mm thick layer of DS 950.

Key – 3-wheel combination lock (U.L. Certified, 1 million possible variations, ex. USA), and a double bit 8-levers key lock (U.L. Certified, ex. Germany).

Document Safe Locking System – The door is locked to the safe body with 25 mm solid steel locking bolts, and non-movable steel bolts at the hinge side of the door.

Document Drawer – Each drawer inside the Document Safe is fitted with a drawer lock, and each drawer is designed so that the drawer can be fully retracted to make it easy to access the contents of the drawer. Each drawer is designed to fit a legal-size hanging folder.

Finishing – Beige color.