Why Cassa

Strongest Armor

There are various ways burglars break safes open. Some of the more common methods are drilling, and prying.

CASSA safes are armored with hard-casting alloy plate that is resistant to drilling.

Also, our safes are lined with thick and high-quality steel that have a high resistance to bending moments, which leads to better protection against prying.

Fire Proof Safe

In a fire, heat energy mostly got transferred by conduction and convection.

Within our safes’ steel armor is a thick layer of fire barrier made up of a composite mixture of concrete and high-grade, fire-retardant materials. This critical layer blocks out heat from conduction via the safe walls.

Our safes’ door is also lined with fire seals. When the fire seal detects heat, it expands, thus closing the already small gapbetween the safe walls and the door. This blocks out heat from convection through air gaps.

Max Security Locks

Only the highest grade locks are installed on CASSA safes. We import our combination locks from USA, and our key locks from Germany.

A cheap combination lock might deviate from its open code after a few years, while our locks are made to last for decades.

A cheap key lock can be easily duplicated and lock-picked. Due to our key’s geometry, it can only be duplicated with special tooling and highly trained personnels.

Advanced Engineering

The driving force behind our reputation for quality is our engineering abilities.

With engineering ingenuity, we managed to achieve a door gap of less than 0.3mm. This narrow door gap protects the safe from fire and prying attacks.

We have engineered a relocking system that detects when the safe is being attacked by burglars, and engages a permanent locking system that even the most trained professional will take long hours to disengage.

Those are a few of our engineering achievements. Buy a CASSA safe to see the difference!